• Solution Greenfirst

    Treatment inspired by nature for dust mites,
    mosquitoes, bed bugs and moths.

  • Solution Microstop

    Ideal textile treatment for the whole family

  • Solution Greensphere

    The versatile treatment



An approach geared towards the future

BREYNER has chosen to defend Geraniol with the European authorities to promote its insecticide performance and toxicological balance (respect for humans) and ecotoxicology (respect for the planet). Numerous tests on Geraniol have already been carried out successfully.

BREYNER is listed by the ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) as the official Geraniol supplier. Currently in a transtional period, Geraniol is pending approval for 2018-2019. During this time we are retaining the authorisation to sell Geraniol and Geraniol-based formulations classified as TP18 (insecticides) and TP19 (repellents).



A strategic choice

BREYNER is the only green treatment manufacturer to be committed to such an approach. This is a strategic choice which allows us to:
– guarantee the durability of our formulations and our sources for the future
– put forward the use of responsible molecules to consumers, thanks to in-depth studies
– master constant optimisation technology to remain at the forefront of Green Hygiene innovation.