• Greenfirst

    The excellence plant-inspired against dust mites,
    mosquitoes or bed bugs.

  • Greentop

    Anti-dust mite treatment
    for the whole family.

  • Greensphere

    Antibacterial and anti-dust mite treatment

  • GreenHome

    Anti-dust mites, anti-bed bugs and
    anti-mosquitoes treatment

  • Greentouch

    The double effect treatment against dust mites and bed bugs.


Our active substances | Geraniol

Geraniol, the innovative quality molecule

Geraniol is an Ideal Active Substance for all the product formulations with regard to insecticides or repellents offered by BREYNER®. It has remarkable properties with a subtle balance between performance, environmental friendliness and health. Geraniol is present in numerous fruits, vegetables, spices and essential oils and its properties’ versatility means that it can be found in many sectors: perfumes, food.

Geraniol is not neurotoxic. It acts directly on the insect’s cuticle by dehydrating it, and not, unlike many chemical insecticidal substances on the market, on its nervous system. Geraniol is not neurotoxic to humans. It is not suspected of being an endocrine disruptor and is not classified as dangerous among aquatic organisms. In addition, studies have shown that it is easily biodegradable, but also produced by worker bees (Apis mellifera) to locate and communicate with each other. Indeed, it is the main component of Nasonov’s pheromone. All these characteristics make it a very promising alternative to the market’s pesticides.

In its raw state, Geraniol is less effective than most neurotoxic chemical insecticides. But Breyner has developed a formulation technology capable of increasing tenfold the intrinsic properties of the Geraniol molecule, while preserving its health and environmental qualities. Thanks to long R&D experience, BREYNER has acquired mastery of the advantages of the Geraniol molecule and real know-how in formulation.


Our active substances | Peppermint

Peppermint, for your serenity !

Recognised for its anti-bacterial effects, Peppermint also has the advantage of being a remarkable synergy-promoting agent: it improves certain formulations and marks its presence with its pleasant odour.

A natural resource, Peppermint enjoys sustainable and plentiful supply.


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