• Greenfirst

    The excellence plant-inspired against dust mites,
    mosquitoes or bed bugs.

  • Greentop

    Anti-dust mite treatment
    for the whole family.

  • Greensphere

    Antibacterial and anti-dust mite treatment

  • GreenHome

    Anti-dust mites, anti-bed bugs and
    anti-mosquitoes treatment

  • Greentouch

    The double effect treatment against dust mites and bed bugs.


Core-treated textiles or anti-parasite cleaning products ?

Core-treated textiles or anti-parasite cleaning products ?


Core-treated textiles or anti-parasite cleaning products ?

Core-treated textiles

BREYNER® offers responsible solutions for textile manufacturers and professionals, with the aim of bringing comfort to end consumers.

The treatments we develop are integrated into the heart of the textile materials (cotton, polyester, feathers and down, latex foams, etc.) during an industrial process for optimal efficiency. This effectiveness is maintained even after a certain number of household washes and thus provides lasting protection for the consumer, of the order of a few months or a few years.

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Core-treated textiles or anti-parasite cleaning products ?

Anti-parasitic cleaning products

BREYNER® now offers a range of consumer pest control products to complement these core textile treatments and provide additional protection for all households.

In particular, they can be used to treat unprotected textiles, thus providing optimum protection for the entire household. In contrast to fully treated textiles, these pest control products will provide protection for a few days to a few weeks, and are therefore renewable.

In order to preserve your peace of mind, the solutions developed by BREYNER® contain an active substance that is not neurotoxic for humans (Geraniol) and are free of chemical fixatives.


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