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Breyner News

Dust mites and animal health: how to protect our four-legged friends ?

Allergies to dust mites…our pets too ?

Mites, tiny eight-legged arachnids, are distinguished from insects just like spiders. Their average size ranges from 250 to 300 microns, making them invisible to the naked eye without the aid of a microscope. This dimension is significant compared to fine and ultrafine air pollution particles, which are responsible for allergies and asthma. They feed on the dead skin of humans and their pets, making them frequent sources of allergies throughout the year.

In winter, we sometimes neglect the actions that protect us from the accumulation of dust and humidity, two factors that contribute to the proliferation of dust mites :

Wash your bed linen on a regular basis… Yes, changing the duvet cover may seem tedious, but during the night we sweat and leave behind many particles of dead skin or hair, the meal of choice for dust mites! It is therefore important to wash your sheets, duvets and pillows regularly at a high temperature (60°C).

Ventilate your spaces and especially the bedroom, where we still spend 7 to 10 hours! And yes, even if the temperatures outside drop, it is important to ventilate the spaces all year round, for at least twenty minutes if not more !

Vacuum as regularly as possible to avoid dust accumulation, without forgetting the little nooks and crannies !

Keep humidity levels low. Ventilating your spaces can help, but if you use a humidifier, make sure you don’t exceed 50% humidity (beyond that, dust mites will feast !)

To find out more …

… think about buying bedding protectors that have already been treated against dust mites. You can find these textile products at many retailers, including Leclerc, and they can be easily recognised by our GREENTOP label, which certifies that the treatment has been applied to the heart of the fibre. The GREENTOP treatment is based on Geraniol and is suitable for the whole family. If you want to go further, you can also use our anti-dust mite cleaning products, available as sprays, shampoos for carpets and rugs or the GREENTOP anti-dust mite rinse additive! These products are available on our Amazon store.

And while we humans are sensitive to dust mites, our little furballs are not exempt! They can also suffer from the presence of these small microscopic spiders !

How can we protect our beloved pets from dust mites ?

In addition to the tips above, here’s what you can do for your pets’ well-being :

  • Buy pet toys designed with washable materials such as rubber, silicone, or other substances that can be cleaned inside and outside the toy. Preferably opt for companies that favor robust and durable materials, thus avoiding the generation of airborne particles during use and reducing the risks of plastic or chemical pollution in your home environment.
  • Wash beds and other pet baskets regularly, ideally once a week, using warm water and mild, unscented detergents that are free of artificial chemicals or colors. Avoid the use of cedar chips to minimize the risk of allergies in dogs.
  • Brush your pets frequently or visit the groomer. If you do it yourself and if possible, do it outside. By doing so, you will reduce the presence of dust mites and pet dander, potential allergens, in your home.
  • You can also minimize the clutter in your spaces: avoid storing objects under your beds for example, where your dear felines love to take refuge to take a nap…

With all these tips, you’ve put everything in place to keep your home healthy, with as few dust mites as possible! If your allergies persist or if your pet is still reacting, consult health professionals (human or animal !)


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