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Why is an anti-dust mite treatment essential for bedding textiles?

When we think of the pests that we can meet in a house, we often think of cockroaches or spiders of course, but there is another one that we sometimes forget: mites. Mites can be found everywhere including your home, carpets, carpets, and even your bed.  The problem with dust mites is the allergens they produce.

To begin with, let’s remember what a dust mite is:

Mites are microscopic eight-legged parasites that look a bit like tiny white spiders. You can not see a mite with the naked eye, they are far too small. Mites, close relatives of ticks and spiders can not be seen without a microscope. Mites eat skin cells deposited by humans.

Where are dust mites found?

Mites love tissues and places where dead skin cells accumulate. Mattresses are often their favorite hiding place, as humans lose more skin cells in them than anywhere else. Carpets, sofas, armchairs and curtains are also prime habitats for mites. A simple house can also contain millions of mites.

Use an anti-dust mite treatment for your textile fabrics

By taking steps to reduce the number of mites in your home, you can control allergies to dust mites. It is also possible to treat bedding, mattresses, pillows, duvets, carpets, carpets and all other fabrics. As mentioned above, mattresses are the first target of mites. You spend more time in bed than in any other place in your home, so naturally, this is where most dead skin accumulates.

The preventive treatment of your mattress is undoubtedly a solution to consider. There are preventive treatments that resist even frequent washing of your textiles. Be careful though, not all treatments are equal, the easiest way is to look for a label on your item guaranteeing its traceability (label with a unique number). This label will guarantee that the treatment has been integrated into the heart of the textile material for optimal efficiency.

If you are thinking of buying a mattress with this type of treatment, it seems logical to also have your pillows with the same treatment. Your face and especially your mouth, nose and eyes are in close contact with your pillows every night. It is therefore necessary that your pillows are also resistant to mites, but of course with a treatment completely harmless to your own health. That is why it is important to choose items treated with treatment based on a non-neurotoxic active substance such as geraniol, which does not present a risk of side effects on the human nervous system.

anti-dust mite textile treatment

How does an anti-dust mite treatment work?

A good anti-mite treatment should not only destroy the mites that are a source of allergies, but also and above all destroy their eggs. Otherwise, the problem will resurface too quickly. These treatments do not stain, and do not grease and are completely odorless.  They instantly reduce allergens that can trigger sneezing, coughing and itching.

Now that you know everything about the preventive treatment of mites, it’s your turn to get rid of them!

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