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Breyner News

How to get rid of parasites present in our environment thanks to geraniol, a plant-based substance?

Even though we spend at least a third of our lives in bed, few of us think about the safety and purity of our bedding. And although many press articles have been broadcast about the deplorable amount of harmful chemicals (1) allowed in bedding, there is still no awareness about the toxins hidden in the sheets! You read that right: sheets, duvets, pillows, mattress covers, etc. can all contain harmful chemicals that disrupt your health while you sleep. While reading this document can be a little unsettling, the good news is that with a little knowledge and common sense, you can find the ideal solutions for you and your family.

Geraniol a formidable insecticide

With everything we need to think about when it comes to health, bed linen can seem like a very secondary priority. However, creating a safe haven during sleep is crucial, as this is when our body regenerates and draws its energy. Now imagine that you are doing everything you can to sleep well, maybe even that you have invested in a very good mattress, but you still have trouble sleeping and/or you wake up feeling tired or as if you need more sleep. Be aware that our skin absorbs the toxins with which it comes into contact (2). So when your skin is covered with chemically treated sheets while you sleep, your body is forced to fight these toxins night after night (2). (4) And this, despite our best efforts to eat well, exercise, etc. So yes, if you wake up feeling less energetic, it may be because you need to look at your sheets.

Which treatment for a safer bedding?

Now you know the drawbacks of chemical repellents and insect repellents on the market. You’re probably wondering which green solution might help you sleep better. How can you avoid the inconvenience caused by these little unwanted guests ? Do you know geraniol?

Geraniol, derived from plants such as geraniums and lemongrass, is extracted from essential oils. This repellent of plant origin offers protection against mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, fleas, midges, ticks, mites and many other pests. Plants containing these active compounds have the natural ability to repel insects. (3) Geraniol is the main part of rose essential oil, palmarosa essential oil and lemongrass essential oil. It is also found in small amounts in geranium, lemon and many other essential oils. Geraniol has long been considered a revolutionary insect repellent ingredient. It therefore has multiple uses to discover.

Demand a bedding treated with geraniol and now start sleeping better.

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