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Why is it important to make a good diagnosis on the presence of bed bugs or other pests capable of biting us ?

Bed bugs, fleas,  mosquitoes or spiders, ticks or pyemotes can give us a hard time! In addition to the mental load they can give us and the itching, redness that accompanies their sting, these pests can also give us a “gift” of more serious health problems (allergic reactions, skin infections …). This is why it is crucial to make a good diagnosis on the presence of these pests in order to get rid of them quickly and sustainably.

Some clues…

Have you been bitten by an insect? Here are some questions to ask yourself in order to determine which insect has bitten you.

  • The season: is it winter, is it summer? Mosquitoes will prefer summer. The bed bug does not have a season and bites all year round.
  • The place where you were bitten: indeed, depending on the area, it may be a different insect. If you have been stung on the upper part of the body (arm, neck, back, torso), it will  not be a flea, which will bite you rather on the ankles, calves, thighs, sometimes the lower back if the flea was on the couch.
  • Do you own a cat, a dog?  Check your pet.
  • Is there a single bite or several clusters? The bed bug will bite in a grouped way and several times a night.

Bed bug bites cause skin lesions in the form of raised red spots (maculopapules), 5 mm to 2 cm, with a hemorrhagic red dot or a vesicle of clear liquid in their center.  These papules are responsible for more pronounced itching in the morning than in the evening.  (1)

Do you know the pyemotes ?

At the very beginning of this blog post we listed some pests that you know well… Except maybe pyemotes!

The “pyemote ventriosus”  is a so-called “straw” mite. It is a member of the Trombiculidae family. It is a “hyperparasite”, it feeds on insect larvae, usually beetles (a type of xylophagous insect that feeds on wood) or beetles, which in turn parasitize various natural materials such as carpets, carpets, mattresses made of natural fibers, wooden furniture, chairs, straw, cereals, and other elements that can be found in homes.

While searching for food, pyemotes can bite humans or other mammals. The bites will cause rashes that are particularly stinging.

Unlike the bed bug, pyemotes are invisible to the naked eye, making them difficult to spot.

So why is it important to make a good diagnosis of the presence of these pests ?

1. Prevent the spread of infestation. By making the right diagnosis on the presence of bed bugs or another harmful insect,  you can prevent the infestation from spreading in your home. These “little beasts” reproduce very quickly, we must act quickly!  The better you target the cause of your itching and the better you can find the most suitable solution to get rid of it quickly.

2. Protect your health, the health of the people living with you and your pets. If sometimes the bites turn out to be benign and “only” scratch for a few minutes, in some cases they can cause serious allergic reactions or skin infections. If you are yourself or if you live with someone with a fragile immune system, all the more reason to protect yourself by making the right diagnosis. Know that pets are not spared !

3. Save money! By making the right diagnosis at the beginning of the infestation you can save money in the long run. The larger the infestation, the harder it is to get rid of. Admittedly, not impossible, but more complicated. It is often more expensive to treat a major infestation than to prevent it !

4. Protection of your property. In addition to causing you multiple physical or mental health problems, or money, a bed bug infestation for example can damage your belongings by leaving stains on your linens, mattresses, sofas … So prevention is better than cure! Avoid buying all your linens !

In conclusion…

To conclude, making the right diagnosis on the presence of bed bugs, fleas, mosquitoes or other pests that can potentially bite us is crucial to protect your mental and physical health, that of the people with whom you live and also the health of your pets. Avoiding an infestation will also save you money and protect your various belongings.

Do you suspect the presence of these pests ?  

It is important to contact a professional as soon as possible to perform an inspection and determine the best ways to dispose of it. For 25 years, BREYNER  ® has been investing in the field of bioactive treatments for textiles. By offering efficient and innovative solutions, we fight against the inconveniences related to the pests that surround us within our habitat. Thanks to a long experience in research and development, BREYNER® has acquired mastery of the advantages  of the Geraniol molecule  and a real know-how of the formulation. Our patented technology allows us to increase and synergize the properties of Geraniol, while maintaining its intrinsic characteristics. This integrated know-how allows us to adjust dosages, in order to perfectly adapt our formulas to the needs of our customers. Thanks to its various brands, BREYNER® offers a wide choice of plant-inspired treatments that enhance textiles by providing them with one or more functionalities: anti-mites, antibacterial, anti-bedbugs, mosquito repellent.

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Sources : Ameli

Use biocidal products with caution. Before use, read the label and product information. Before any use, make sure that it is essential, especially in places frequented by the general public. Whenever possible, preference should be given to alternative methods and products presenting the lowest risk to human and animal health and the environment.

TP 18 – insecticide/acaricide TP 19 – mosquito repellent

Dangerous. Follow precautions for use.


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