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Back from vacation ? Follow the guide !

The holidays are a long-awaited period, offering an opportunity to relax and escape from everyday life. However, there is an unsuspected risk that can spoil your back from vacation : bed bugs. These pests can hide in your suitcases and invite themselves into your home, causing infestations… In this article, we will provide you with tips to prevent the transport of bed bugs when you return from vacation.

Prevention at the holiday workplace

When you arrive at your vacation spot, before unpacking your bags and settling in comfortably, take a few minutes to inspect your room. Bed bugs are nocturnal and like to hide in dark places, such as the seams of mattresses, crevices of the bed frame, gaps in curtains and slits in furniture. The presence of bed bugs can be detected by looking for signs such as small blood stains, droppings or moults.

If you notice signs of infestation, report the problem immediately to the management of the establishment and ask to change rooms. If this is not possible, consider looking for alternative accommodation.

On your back from vacation

Returning home after a vacation is often synonymous with fatigue, but it is essential to remain vigilant to avoid bringing bed bugs with you. Even if you checked your accommodation on vacation, these pests can be found in various places. They may hide in crowded public places, such as movie theaters, public transportation (including airplanes), and even hospitals.

As soon as you return home, open your suitcases outside or in an easy-to-clean space, such as the garage. Immediately wash all your clothes, sheets and towels at a high temperature (1), as heat kills bed bugs. Also vacuum inside your suitcases to eliminate any insects that may have been hiding there.

If possible, also wash your luggage or wipe it with a cloth soaked in warm soapy water. Do not forget to check the liners of suitcases, because bed bugs love to nest in narrow and inaccessible spaces.

Daily Prevention

Even after you return from vacation, it is important to remain vigilant to prevent a possible bed bug infestation in your home. A few simple habits can help you reduce your risk (more details in our dedicated blog post ( 2)):

  • Regularly vacuum sensitive areas such as the bedroom, mattress seams, furniture cracks and dark corners.
  • Ventilate your living spaces regularly,
  • Avoid storing items under your bed, as this creates ideal hiding places for parasites.
  • Decontaminate second-hand items, clothing or furniture you buy before bringing them into your home.
  • Avoid leaving clothes on the floor, especially in bedrooms.

The return from vacation should not be marred by the presence of bed bugs in your suitcases. By following these prevention tips, you will significantly reduce the chances of carrying these pests into your home. Vigilance is essential throughout the process, from thoroughly checking your vacation spot to decontaminating your luggage once you get home. Preventing a bed bug infestation will save you unnecessary headaches and allow you to fully enjoy your return home with peace of mind.

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