• Greenfirst

    The excellence plant-inspired against dust mites,
    mosquitoes or bed bugs.

  • Greentop

    Anti-dust mite treatment
    for the whole family.

  • Greensphere

    Antibacterial and anti-dust mite treatment

  • GreenHome

    Anti-dust mites, anti-bed bugs and
    anti-mosquitoes treatment

  • Greentouch

    The double effect treatment against dust mites and bed bugs.


Avoid bed bugs : some practical tips to protect your home !

tips anti bed bugs

Ahhh, bed bugs. These little creatures that scared us so much in the fall of […]

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Protect your health by choosing pyrethroid-free cleaning productsWhat are the solutions for countering the dangers of cleaning products containing pyrethroids ?

In our constant quest to keep our homes clean and hygienic, we often resort to […]

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Dust mites and animal health: how to protect our four-legged friends ?

Winter is in full swing, with one cold snap after another, and we prefer to […]

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Bed bugs : responsibility and treatment in rental spaces and hotels

Bedbug infestations are a growing problem in many spaces, becoming a major concern for tenants […]

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How does green chemistry protect our environment ?

We try every day to improve ourselves and change our little habits to pay more […]

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Home : why carpet cleaning is essential ?

Carpets and rugs are often considered essential elements of home interior design. After all, they […]

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