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Breyner News

What are the new habits of the French in terms of consumption, sorting and recycling of textiles?

Ecological awareness, decline in purchasing power… Nearly 8 out of 10 French (1) people feel that they have changed the way they consume textiles. A change in behavior that leads us to ask ourselves what are the new habits of the French in terms of consumption, sorting and recycling of textiles?

Eco-responsible actions

The textile industry is one of the most polluting (2). Between the production of raw materials, the manufacture of articles, transport… The environmental impact is significant! This is why, in order to fight against “fast-fashion” (the fact of consuming and producing a lot of fashion items), new habits have appeared in French households:

  • Give a2nd life to the products (by repairing them, transforming them, or simply by giving them away),
  • Buy only if the need is real.

The French are also well informed when it comes to bringing back their clothes:they know that there are containers on the public road, associations or resource centers, containers in waste disposal or of course the collection organized by the stores themselves.

Saving money

Saving money is the main motivation of the French in their practices of repair, borrowing, exchanges or purchases of second-hand or rental. Indeed, instead of throwing away, many French people will make the necessary repairs or alterations. With this comes a better maintenance of textiles in order to increase their longevity and durability.

Second-hand or second-hand purchases have also become commonplace! Today there are many platforms allowing the online purchase and easily of second-hand or second-hand items. This practice does not stop only at textile products and ranges from household appliances to books for example.  Garage sales and flea markets also have the coast!


If the under 30s are still adept at storage, their elders are adept at sorting! At the height of twice a year in general, we empty cabinets and wardrobes in order to sort among the shoes and clothes, most of the time, but also among the linens! This habit is motivated in large part by the desire to make room in closets.

But then what to do with textiles once sorted? Part of the population will keep “just in case” but many get rid of it: in containers, given to associations or their family or friends.

Some more work to be done…

If these little habits have become the daily life of many French people, there are still a handful of diehards who have not yet taken the plunge. Held back by the doubts they may have about the hygiene of the products or the appetite and attachment to new products and their possession are the reasons that push them to delay their change of behavior. Also note the price of textile items incorporating recycled material. If we frequently see t-shirts, polo shirts, shirts or shoes incorporating recycled materials, their price still too high can discourage us. But let’s look at it in a positive light! By favoring second-hand items, by buying only what is necessary and especially by taking care of our textiles in order to increase their longevity, we could make great savings… And the key, buy textile products made of recycled materials !

Nine or second-hand, be vigilant !

Whether you are a fan of second-hand or fast fashion, it is important to wash your items in the machine before using them, especially for textile items that we wear on the skin!

Indeed,in general, some infectious diseases can be transmitted through textiles. Which? Scabies (contagious disease due to a parasitic mite under the skin that causes itching), but also the contamination of lice as a result of items tried in stores

(3)  or the possibility of reporting allergic reactions, especially to dust mites, when buying bedding items.

 Theremovalof new clothing also removes the presence of chemicals embedded in the garment during its manufacture, which maybe responsible for itching (4).

Washing clothes is therefore a good reflex for good hygiene.

Find all our recommendations on the maintenance of linen, how to preserve it and preserve ourselves, the inconvenience it can cause with the help of a non-neurotoxic active substance for humans, through our blog (5).

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