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Breyner News

How to get rid of mattress allergies ?

Did you know? Your bedding can cause allergies! Indeed our cozy bed can turn out to be a dust mite den … Throughout Europe, North America and Japan, some 90 million people are affected by this allergy (1)! Let’s find out today what causes these allergies as well as tips to get rid of them !

Hunting mites

Mites are small spiders (they are part of the arachnid family) invisible to the naked eye and proliferate in our interiors. With the arrival of winter, cold and humidity, dust mites are at ease! Maybe you’re making the mistake of not airing your spaces enough… These small organizations benefit from it! Indeed, they love hot and humid atmospheres! (2)

Our bedding is then the ideal haunt for these small organisms!

But then what causes allergy?

It is by inhaling the mites themselves and or their feces that the allergy can occur! The immune system of people suffering from this allergy will then react abnormally as soon as the respiratory and ocular mucous membranes come into contact with an allergen produced by dust mites.

Good to know: mites do not bite or transmit diseases. Like bed bugs, their proliferation is not due to a lack of hygiene!

How to recognize an allergy to dust mites?

A person suffering from a dust mite allergy will experience multiple symptoms:

  • Runny nose,
  • Stuffy nose,
  • Sneezing
  • Itching
  • Eczema
  • Breathing difficulties,
  • Headaches,
  • Tingling eyes… (3)

Symptoms that can be exhausting by force!

But then how to protect yourself?

Rest assured, there are solutions! Let’s start with some good things that will help you reduce their presence (2):

  • Ventilate your spaces: the bedroom, but also living room for example, regardless of the season! The ideal temperature of a room should be between 18 and 20 ° C.
  • Pay attention to your air humidifier: make sure it is set to 50% maximum!
  • Vacuum all your spaces: at least twice a week without forgetting carpets and rugs.

You can also vacuum your bedding using a high-efficiency filter!

  • Wash your bed linen: sheets, duvet cover, pillow… Everything happens there at the end of the week!
  • Avoid so-called “dust nests” in your room! Decoration, accumulated books, clothes lying on the floor or on this armchair that has become a second wardrobe…

A mattress… in latex !

Another tip to avoid dust mites and therefore the allergy that comes with it is to opt for a latex mattress! A firm and comfortable mattress that adapts to all morphologies (4). But beware, one allergy can hide another…

Indeed, latex can cause itching, rashes or hives in case of contact. It may even be that simple latex particles floating in the air are responsible for the allergic attack.

The ultimate tip to get rid of allergies caused by mattresses

Our ultimate advice to get rid of the inconveniences that can be caused by your bedding is to use a solution that will directly treat the problem at the source! BREYNER® has developed the  GREENTOP(® 5) solution  in order to offer consumers an effective mite control solution, offering strong guarantees on human health.

Its patented Geraniol-based formula eliminates 100% of dust mites that lodge in bedding items and affect the comfort of life of sensitive people with discomfort. Specially suitable for babies and infants, the GREENTOP® treatment is not classified as skin sensitizing and does not contain chemical fixatives.

Adaptable, efficient and mastered, the treatment is applicable on all types of textiles, as well as feathers and down. Each treated item has a label with a unique traceability number to trace the production chain. This process ensures the quality of application of the treatment. (6)

The items treated by our solutions are thus easily identifiable, whether by our traceability label, or by the presence of a button affixed directly to the article (6).

You can also find our treated items from our reseller distributors, listed on our social networks (7) or our hygiene products via our Amazon store (8).

Join our community on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram! You can also take a look at our blog, recently we gave you tips to choose the duvet and pillow trim that suits you best.



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Before any use, make sure that it is essential, especially in places frequented by the general public. Whenever possible, preference should be given to alternative methods and products presenting the lowest risk to human and animal health and the environment. Product TP 18 – insecticide/acaricide.

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