• Solution Greenfirst

    The excellence plant-inspired against dust mites,
    mosquitoes or bed bugs.

  • Solution Greentop

    Anti-dust mite treatment
    for the whole family.

  • Solution Greensphere

    Antibacterial and anti-dust mite treatment

  • Solution GreenHome

    Anti-dust mites, anti-bed bugs and
    anti-mosquitoes treatment

  • Solution Microstop

    Targeted treatment, ideal for the whole family.

  • Solution Greentouch

    The double effect treatment against dust mites and bed bugs.


Installation of beehives

Breyner is happy to present his beehives to you. Installed on our production site for […]


Green prevention, or how to protect against pests while controlling its impact on the environment and its health

When we talk about green prevention against pests, we often imagine solutions whose environmental impact […]

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Laundry care, how to wash delicate laundry

Laundry care: Delicate clothing often requires special washing and/or drying methods to keep the item […]

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Anti-dust mites treatments, prevention is better than cure?

Anti-dust mites treatments If you regularly follow this blog, it will not have escaped you […]

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Mosquito treatment: what if the solution was at the heart of the textile?

Summer is coming and with it the time of mosquitoes! Mosquitoes transmit viral and parasitic […]

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How to get rid of parasites present in our environment thanks to geraniol, a plant-based substance?

Even though we spend at least a third of our lives in bed, few of […]

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Geraniol, this plant-inspired alternative to traditional insecticides

Geraniol is a colorless liquid with a sweet smell of floral fragrance. It is naturally present […]

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